FoneSaver PowerBank

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FoneSaver + Multi-Function Power Bank


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White FoneSaver Power Bank in Packaging


Wireless Charging

Integrated charging pad for all your wireless devices.

USB Type-C, Apple Lightning, Micro-USB Charging

Includes a dual tip cable for iPhone and Android plus a Type-C cable.

Built-in charging cables

Cables are integrated into the power bank. 

Durable outer shell

The outer shell is durable and shock resistant in case it’s dropped. 

Quick Charge Technology

Charges twice as fast as a regular wall outlet plug. 

5000 mAh Capacity

Enough power to charge most phones twice. 

Power Saving Function

Automatically turns off when not in use. 

Replaceable Charging Cables

Cables are removable & replaceable in case of damage. 

Slim light-weight

Can be easily carried in your pocket or purse while charging. 

Power Level Indicator Lights

LED lights let you know when it’s getting low

Group of friends having fun with phone

You’ll never forget your cord because the FoneSaver + Power Banks have the cord built in, yet they are removable. If you damage your cord, you can easily swap it out with a replacement that comes with your purchase.

The power saving function knows when the power bank is not in use and will power itself down. When you’re not using it, the power bank will hold the charge for months.

The FoneSaver + Power Bank is so multifunctional, you can even charge 3 devices all at once with a single charger. It is the swiss army knife of chargers!

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What Our Customers Say

I love it, it is a great size and very helpful to have the usb and cords in it.


I always have one of your chargers with me onsite to keep my phone alive.


I had one of those cheap promotional chargers and it never worked. Yours is so handy and I use it all the time.


I bought one of your chargers at the PGA Championship in 2017 and it still works great. I want to buy another one for a gift.

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